Welcome to Hydrobullet Hydrogen Systems

About us and our hydrogen kit

Based on the potential of Hydrogen, in Hydrobullet we built in 1992 our first HHO generator electrolysis which back then had positive results in internal combustion engines. But the evolution of technology in modern internal combustion engines, which have oxygen sensors "L", led to continuous research and experiments to finally build and refine a new generator which makes full gas separation and use ONLY hydrogen and NOT oxygen which is released into the atmosphere and in no need, in modern internal combustion engines.

Our Values

  • Integrity.

    We are straight and clean, that have a mission to not only bring you the best product and customer service, but to treat our customers and distributors as they deserve to be treated.

  • Passion for the Best.

    At Hydrobullet we know this industry is growing rapidly. This only makes us work harder to be the best at what we do. But in Hydrobullet we do not stop there. We are constantly striving to research more efficient ways of creating cheap, efficient energy.

  • Trust.

    We show our distributors and customers the respect they deserve and trust their capabilities and intentions. Hydrobullet makes sure that our distributors can trust our name and our quality products.

  • Respect

    We understand that the people we work with can and want to deliver their full potential. Not only we respect our engineers, but we realize that everyone's opinion is important and shall be heard. We value the delivery man just as much as we value our customers and distributors. Everyone involved is essential to our survival, and we appreciate them.

Quality is the foundation of Hydrobullet.

Hydrobullet Headquarters, Production and Support

Vyzantiou 19, 111 47, Galatsi, Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 2931178